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Why Choose Our New Jersey Area Construction Company?

Finding a construction company in the NY or New Jersey area is no tall task. Finding a company that works efficiently, effectively, and actually delivers on the promises they make, is a much more difficult thing to do. That is our mission and our promise to you.

We employ a diverse team of energetic professionals, devoted to delivering creative solutions and quality construction work.

Cutting Edge Technology Like 3D Visualizations

To ensure we save time, reduce budgets, and always give you the very best experience throughout the process of working with our team, we implement the latest in design and development technology. Our latest technological development was the introduction of a full-time 3D visualization designer being brought in house.

This new 3D visualization technology allows us to offer you a comprehensive visual simulation of your space before we drive a single nail. The 3D models speed up the development process, cut budget by helping us avoiding hurdles or design flaws most companies won’t catch, and even provide you with a full 3D walkthrough of your proposed space. You can use these models to help better visualize and pick the finish you want, market your space to clients and customers, or even rethink a design based on a better understanding of the final product.

We Value Your Time as Much as You Do

Why Choose Our New Jersey Construction Company?

One of the biggest flaws in the current state of the construction industry is how much time is wasted. Be it lack of communication between teams, individual workers holding up simple processes, or poor organization derailing a project, wasted time means wasted money — and we think it’s time to end it.

Our team is built to drive efficiency at every level of the construction process. Since we work across functional areas, we can handle everything in house and eliminate costly back and forth with third party purveyors. We also take the time to stay in close communication with you throughout the process in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.

We’re Obsessed With Quality

At the very start of your project, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager (PM). Your PM will be your point of contact throughout the process and will be responsible for ensuring the utmost quality at every turn. Your PM will handle all the complex communications needed to keep your project on track, and keep you informed at every turn.  

In additional to organizing and communicating details of your project, your PM will be responsible for detailed quality control. Your PM will run weekly quality checks throughout the process, communicating with functional teams and providing you with reports updating you on the project’s status. This constant communication ensures everyone involved with your New Jersey real estate project stays on the same page and often eliminates the entire punch list process.

Your PM will even take you on a guided walkthrough at the completion of your project and provide you with an Owner’s Manual that includes important information such as warranty info and instructions for use and upkeep.

We’re Fully Protected for Your Safety

Our team is renowned for the quality work we complete for our clients and always focus on reliability. That said, acts of god do occur — which is why we are backed by an incredibly respected, highly reliable insurance provider. Our policies ensure that there is zero risk to you of any time of legal liability of any kind.

You Don’t Pay Until You’re Satisfied

Most New Jersey construction companies require that you place a large deposit which gives them less incentive to complete your job with any urgency. Instead, we believe you shouldn’t pay a dollar until after some work is complete and up to the standards you set at the beginning of our contract.

We also offer an exclusive 1-year warranty with an option to extend for up to 6 years on every job we do.

We’re Fully Licensed and EPA Certified

Our company is a fully licensed contracting company in the states of New Jersey and New York. We also care deeply about promoting green practices whenever possible, and are EPA lead-safe certified.

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Jersey City: (201) 366-8122
Hoboken: (201) 374-8374
Brooklyn: (718) 737-7629
Manhattan: (212) 381-0886